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Ripping Tools for RPG Maker MV, XP, VX & VX Ace / Clickteam Fusion / Ren'Py / etc
Don't mind me, just dumping my tool collection in a thread:!FJpwTbwC!Vtxgg13BSYSqz...VerJPX0ZjA
(new: added v.1.4)

What it contains:
Quote:Berti's Stash O' Tools v.1.4

- All decrypter: Decompiles game data from RPG Maker XP, VX & VX Ace. Not MV.
- RPG Maker MV Decrypter: Decompiles game data from RPG Maker MV.
- FreddyExplorer: Decompiles game data from Clickteam Fusion. Made for FNAF, but works for some other games too.
- RPA Extractor for Windows: Decompiles game data from Ren'Py. Detailed tutorial in the folder.
- Resource Hacker: Useful to rip/change icons from .exe files.
- ALDEXplorer: Decompiles game data from games made by AliceSoft (file extensions: ALD, ALK, AFA, DAT)
- Unity Studio: Decompiles game data from Unity. Detailed tutorial in the folder.
- EnigmaVBUnpacker: Decompiles game data encrypted with Enigma Virtual Box v4.10..7.40 (game files are in a single .exe)

- eXtraButtons: Useful when you need one or more windows always on top.
- Sizer: Shrinks/Enlarges window size to a certain self-defined size.
- SheetMaker: Creates sheets in a record time, tutorial is found in the folder.

The rest of the tools works for PC games in general, the results vary.

The majority of them works as a regular tool when you click the .exe file:
- ExtractData
- MultiExtractor
- resourcesextract
- X-Ripper

For others, you drag the encrypted files on the .exe file:
- bitmaprip
- find_anime
- arc_unpacker (Additional tutorial in the folder).

Other good tools which are not in this pack are Dragon UnPACKer 5 and MultiExtractor 4.7.3.
The latter one needs a license if you want to use the very powerful "zlib stream unpack" function,
which helps very much if every other tool fails.
No installations neccessary.
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