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Xander's Super Wario Bros! ~ HTML5 Engine Demo!
-I noticed a little Bug, it was hard to find it, Sometimes when you are Grow Up, and get hitted (So, becoming a Kid), The Sprite gets a little bit Down, i did it by accident, now that i want to do it again i cant :s

-There is another one, sometimes when you are running (Pressing the key for speed) and jump it get "super" speed (Just it goes a little bit more faster) i dont know if it was on purpose Tongue

I guess the new update will have World Selection and "Blocked" movements Big Grin

Btw, i didnt saw Wario as a kid, the first time i didnt get hurt, this time i lose so badly >.<

Keep working! Looks nice Big Grin (Too bad not that many comments u.u)
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