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Texture Remix (my image manipulation tool) - v1.2.0
Remember that gift I promised everyone for Christmas? It's finally finished!

[Image: LmhCZj.png]

Texture Remix (Beta 1.2.0) - Feb. 18, 2018

Source Code on GitHub

This is Texture Remix, a tool I whipped up to help people convert compressed textures ripped from modern games. Most people here who have ripped or downloaded models from an Xbox, PS3, or modern PC game have no doubt seen shadowy transparent normal maps or technicolor images that look like they are important but can't be used.

This is where Texture Remix comes in. It allows you to re-map the color channels of an image without having to do crazy Photoshop magic. When you load an image (or images) into the tool, you have access to all four channels of the image. You can then map them in any fashion to a new image. You can also split the image into four separate channel images or combine multiple images together. Up to four different images can be generated at once. I've included tutorial images inside the archive to demonstrate how to use the tool.

Keep in mind, this is a beta version. This is my first Java program, and I had to (re)learn Java just to make it. There are some features I wanted to implement that I just couldn't pull off with my current skill level. I've put the source code up on GitHub for those of you who are interested in helping out.

If you are interested in helping me develop and improve this tool, please let me know, because otherwise it probably won't get any better than it currently is.

Fancy Demonstration image!
[Image: 9kyEHQO.png]
(textures are from Sonic Generations and Halo: Combat Evolved)

Texture Remix

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