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Official Name Change Log and Requests
Could my username be changed to Nidoking
(And all of the submissions I did, including the pending ones need to be renamed to get the submitter name as the same as this)

Done for your username and all approved submissions! You can update anything you have pending directly from your pending submissions list.

Edit: Thanks Petie, however the issue about changing my pending submissions is that it will take a very long time to do for me as I submitted over 158+ Models. As my home PC isn't even powerful enough to do multiple tabs at once.

The staff would have to follow the same process you would in order to update your submitter name on pending submissions. Since this was kind of an exceptional situation though, I just did it for you by directly editing the database. This isn't something that I'm going to do often but with nearly 200 submissions, it made sense here.
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