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Poll: What size should the tiles be?
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16x16 (ready to use: means less work for the person who's using it, but more sprites would be made)
2 66.67%
8x8 (orignal format on the game: more work for the person who uses it, but less sprites would be on the sheets)
1 33.33%
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Zelda: The Minish Cap Tile Ripping Proyect
So what i've wanted to use the tilesets were for some remaking proyect on old LoZ games like Link's awakening DX or the oracle series
i made little progress code wise because i suck at it, then got working on the map i still enjoy it but after making the whole village i scrapped it all as the GBA screens are way bigger than the GBC screen and it was just odd

now i'm still redrawing the oracle of ages screens trying to make them the same ratio without screwing any puzzles on the maps
i'll be posting stuff here again with some of the tiles i got back then i just wanted to make sure that the tiles we're alright before uploading the images

when making the new maps i noticed that some tiles rotate or face a different angle so the use of the storage was less many of them are just mirrored

here's an image of what i did with the item screen for oracle of ages:

pretty simple thing i did actually, just copied the top row into the bottom one to get 16 spaces for the items then just set the sprites to make them look centered added numbers seeds for the items that use them and other things that are used on another folder i got the other sprites used for the different item levels and seeds

item sprites from ChaosMiles07 (reallly didn't ask for any permissions Tongue as i was just planning to make the menu screens but i got carried away i'll ask him later)
backgrounds, and buttons ripped by me

made the 2nd screen now it's the essence screen wich shows how many heart pieces you have, the essences collected and current age (sprite not done yet)

took the quest status screen from the minish cap used the circles from that same screen, edited the borders a little bit leaving them cleaner then placed the circles for the 8 essences used the heart container spot from the status screen drew some missing letters (the "N" and "C" hope no one notices how bad i did *_*), placed the buttons, word "Essences" made using existing letters and drawn ones and finally just added the essence sprites again by ChaosMiles07

Realy loved how this one looks when i was looking at all those menus that i "made" without the sprites it looked all meh but now it's better
only 2 screens to go
Thanked by: Miles07

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