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Poll: if anouther sequal is made should they make new main characters
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well if there done right i see no problum
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im i think they should keep joe and silvia (or joes sister) but im not as obbsesive as option 2 guys
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dunno depends what capcom wants to do with em
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should they make anouther viewtiful joe
viewtiful joe a classic in my mind very well done addictive game play enticing and interesting characters fascinating villens and very good humor that dident feel shoehorned in like some games .

it was also super origanal with the vfx abilitys and the puzzle's were often very hard but in a way that just kinda dared you to figure it out so you would wanna solve it even if it frustrated you.

personally i think that viewtiful joe could stand anouther sequal its a very interesting consept and can be taken in many different ways easily. id go for using joe and silvia's kids then they could totally reboot it and it would fit into the movie theme viewtiful joe uses but thats just me.

what do you guys think more viewtiful joe?

how would you take the series if you had the rains?

what kinda characters or enemys would you add?

well untill next time HENSHIN A GO GO BABY
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should they make anouther viewtiful joe - by trans the psycopath - 08-17-2014, 12:07 AM

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