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[trash-split] Super Mario World: All-Star Edition: Team Fangame Project
(07-12-2012, 05:06 PM)Iceman404 Wrote: >Come to spriting forum
>Claim that graphics aren't a big part of the game and badly try to justify unfitting graphics.

I honestly don't really care much about the gameplay, I've seen a thousand Mario games and they all play and look the same in general. There are just so many out there that this is just a tiny spec on the entire spectrum, and it's not even that original to make it stand out from the others. The gameplay is good according to the previews and that doesn't surprise me one bit, so the least you could do is improve in the graphics department and at least try. You act like recoloring things is a hard chore that requires effort.

So basically, these fit because they have the same palette
(thanks pixeljoint)

Quote: Iceman404.
What the actual fuck did this imply
Why are you taking this personally

Quote:We DON'T have enough people to satisfy everyone's critique about clouds, and everything not coming in the same style which isn't even an issue,

Quote:Now this brings up can you make better graphics than Nintendo did when it was first released?
Nintendo's original sprites were pretty bad to be honest. It's not very hard at all.

If you think the graphics we have are so bad, why not YOU make graphics then, we have been implying this ever since you got mad at us just because we unintentionally took some Sonic sprites? Now that's childish to be honest.

You can make better sprites if you actually took the time to settle down on the ASE Reactor and confront with us on what sprites you need, but since you're here constantly talking about how crappy the graphics look I don't see what chance we have in better graphics.

As for this being a spriting forum, good point, but, this is the Gaming Development section and IDK if good graphics imply in this area.

Also, why do you have to swear in order to prove your point dude? We're taking this personally because again, that incident with the Sonic sprites unintentionally being stolen.
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