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Secret Santa 2010- The Joy of Giving!
Well, folks, Merry Christmas to you all! I'd have liked to have posted these separately, but I've got a party to go to! Ho ho ho!

So here's the gifts! Some wonderful things packed in here this year! Those who didn't submit gifts have 24 hours to do so!

[Image: sploder.gif]

For Sploder, from [fish in space]! Explosive!

[Image: eggman.png]

For Innocence, from Tomguycott! Creative!

For Afrodisiac, from robo9! Great stuff!

[Image: Rokkiftf.png]

For Rokkan, from Nindo! Very nice!

[Image: tss10.png]

For Kat, from CeeY! Interesting!

For Murderbeard, from StarSock64! A large image, so click it, and check it! Very nice!

[Image: happy_holidays_4_fishinspace.png]

For [fish in space], from Fishmuffin! A fishy combination, eh?

[Image: PreviousSecretSantaSuperImproved.png]

For Previous, from Sol! I'm SOLd on this one!

[Image: 34y33vo.jpg]

For Nindo, from Diogalesu! Very nice!

[Image: MerryFreakinChristmas.png]

For Devicho, from Rosencrantz! This one's poppin! Heh heh heh!

[Image: fretgift.png]

For Fret, from Kat! I'm sure this won't fret dear old Fret!

[Image: travisb.gif]
[Image: nomorefinal.png]

For Fishmuffin, from Prontron! Great!

[Image: Hpg32.gif]

For Gors, from Phantom K! Gors, Gors, Gors, Gors....

For Grooveman.exe, from Gors, Gors, Gors, Gors, Gors, Gors, Gors.....

[Image: baegelchristmas.png]

For Baegal, from Burn! This one's on fire!

[Image: secretsantadone.png]

For Key, from Solink! The key to this one is it's incredible spriting! Heh!

[Image: newnosesmall.jpg]

For Rosencrantz, from Woppet! Lovely!

[Image: acchi.png]

For BynineB, from Afrodisiac! Animate this and it'll look great, I'm certain!

[Image: konatagiftfinal5.png]

For Vipershark, from Innocence! I'm sure Vipershark's going to go Konata-crazy over this one!

Key Wrote:it's a signature and avatar set, can you tell him if he doesn't like anything on them i have the psd's so i can change them.
[Image: robo9sigpng.png]
[Image: robo9avypng.png]

For robo9, from Key! With a message, too!

Quote:A big wallpaper.
And the background as standalone.
Plus a smaller preview of the wallpaper since it is pretty big.
Just tell them there is a bigger version, okay?

For StarSock64, from Previous! Also with a message!

[Image: secretsantagift.png]

For Girrtacos, from Devicho! Merry Christmas!

[Image: solthegame.png]

For Sol, from Rokkan! This gift is rokkan, eh?

[Image: pic-800012.html]

For Dr. Slouch, from TKGB! Nice!

[Image: 2urnt60.jpg]

For Black Boo, from Britt! Great stuff!

[Image: WoppetChristmasGIft.png]

For Woppet, from Vipershark! Woo!

[Image: Oethel.png]

For TKGB, from Demonlemon! This one isn't sour at all!

[Image: christmasgift.png]

For Jdaster64, from SpaceLugia22! Lovely!

[Image: solink120610.png]

For Solink, from Sploder! Great work!

[Image: tomnidocott.gif]

For Tomguycott, from Baegal! Mmmm!

[Image: hammermario_ml3.png]

For SpaceLugia22, from Jdaster64! Wait, how did they get each other for this event? Must've slipped my old mind. Oh well, great gifts, either way! Ho ho ho!

[Image: sonicgift.jpg]

For Diogalesu, from Black Boo! He sends his regards!

[Image: 2rzosbs.png]

For Lexou, from BynineB! Nice, very nice!

Murderbeard Wrote:for DemonLemon

instructions (for him):

1. download the two files, OBJ file and a TIF file.
2. open in a 3d program (Blender is free, and it's what I use)
3. view your model!

if anything goes wrong, here's a screenshot:
[Image: lemondemon.png]

For Demonlemon, from Murderbeard! Another message, folks!

[Image: gJ5dw.png]

For Burn, from OSM! A... Merry Christmas to us all.

I hope you all enjoy these gifts, folks! It's been a pleasure! I'll see you tomorrow for the real Christmas, but here's this for now! Merry Christmas, tSR!

gorsedit: edited out my old link for the new one

[Image: christmas-tree-main_full.jpg]

Ho ho ho! The Secret Santa is underway, get crackin', my elves!

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