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Hello Mario Framework - Create Your Own 3D Mario Game!
3D Modelling 
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Create your own 3D Mario game with Hello Mario Framework for Unity! Zero programming experience needed! This open source Mario framework is feature packed with tons of items and enemies, and is bundled with open source level design tools that will let you easily create levels and build the 3D Mario game of your dreams!

[Image: hmf1.png]

[Image: hmf2.png]

[Image: hmf3.png]


For those who missed my announcement, Isekai Mario is my final Mario fangame, and Hello Mario Framework is my final gift to the Mario community. I plan on permanently quitting Mario fangames and focusing on anime games going forward!
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Hello, Hello!
This is very cool, I will definitely use it sometime to create some games. Amazing work! ❤️

Yo, I'm DJ_Fox11! A passionate model ripper that's also a DJing fox!

Currently ripping from: Super Mario Odyssey, Super Mario RPG (Switch), and Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade
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