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Extracting audio from unity3d files that are missing some descriptions
I was trying to extract audio from the smartphone app Alice Gear Aigis, and found a file with a partial description missing, unlike the file I was able to read.
※When I loaded the file in AssetStudio, it caused a memory leak and eventually killed the monitor.

Comparing the file that could be read with the file that could not, the one that could be read has a red line description, but the one that could not has none.

I have tried this before with other games and it worked, by transcribing the missing parts I was able to force playback and locate the audio file, but it did not work with this file.

Other model files have the same problem, and if this can be solved, I believe all the files in this game can be read
Is there any way to fix this?

Here are some sample files that can and cannot be read.
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