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Program that Ripps Tiles from Tilemaps
Hey Guys!

A while a go I made a post about a programm that I worked on and it just got a 2.0 update.
It's called "Tilemap To Tileset" and it lets you split images/tilemaps into it's unique tiles.

[Image: 8q9TzV.png]

Sourcecode and Download:
Download on Itch
Source code on GitHub

- tile every image into every tilesize,
- print out only unique tiles as one big tileset or many single tiles,
- can check for unique tiles in other orientations
- and can sort the tileset by color.


Version 2.0 added a new fresh userfriendly UI,
improved the performance by a mile (Version 1.3 took 20sec for an Image, that is now processed in .2 secs) and changed a lot of stuff under the hood.
There is also a Web version comming up in the next couple of days, for ease of use.

As I said in my last post, I am a regular user of this site, but I am just not good at rippin, so maybe on this way I can help the community out.

I hope someone will find this program usefull or intersting and I am excited for your feedback!
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