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Converting a .PAC to a .BRRES
I can't find a guide so I'll ask here: How do I convert a .PAC  (From Super Smash Bros. Brawl) into a .BRRES ?  What I'm trying to do is convert this .PAC of the Master Hand into a .BRRES then to a .PSK/.PSA then use Blender to make a .MD2 or .MD3  . I tried using BrawlBox but I didn't get anywhere.
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I dont think you can. Whats in the files? pac.00 files? If there are any .00 files then those contain the content. You’ll need Sonic GLvL, Its a collection of tools made specifically for Sonic Generations but you can try it with other games, apart from Wii U ones (I know a version of GLvL made exclusively for Wii U games)

Anyway heres the GLvL —

The pack has a program called pacpack.exe as the name sounds It could compress the .00 files a lot that it wont be extractable. But instead it actually decompresses and unzips the pac.00 files and stores the content in a folder in the same place tour .00 files are stored in. Just simply drag and drop the .pac file there. If you get any .model files you’ll need modelfbx.exe or modelfbx2012.exe they both work the same way.

If you need further assistance or those didn’t work for you your free to message me.
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