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Looking to rip sprites and assets from SimTower
Fascinating to find a whole forum of people into finding sprites and game resources. 

I was already able to find the audio from the game in a couple places
has very high quality wav which is great.

I tried using Angus Johnson Resource Hacker on a 6MB Exe binary of the game that I found but it did not like the file. (said it was not a valid EXE. However a better exe may be out there.)

This project is similar to OpenTTD transport tycoon. they have programmed a way to read the bitmaps from the exe and then run their own program with those assets.
see line 224 here for the bitmap prepping function
Really if I could repurpose this code to spit out the bitmaps I would be all set. I don't have enough C experience to pull that off though.

Additionally this fellow Ocram made a bunch of spritesa few years ago (also here) and included some of the originals. However he inexplicably changed the elevator art and I for sure want that original elevator, but don't want to have to make a ton of screenshots from an emulator to do it.

I am considering making a free game or otherwise mucking around with it in PhaserJS, but I would like to really have a clean version of the original sprites if I can. I have reasonable skills with PHP, JS, and shell scripts however I am not familiar with windows decompiling or binary extractions. (Also I was a big fan of ResEdit in the 1990s but I doubt that the MacOS port of SimTower has sprites in the resource fork.)

I would also be interested in sprites from the sequel Yoot Tower as well.

Thanks so much, this would be a fun weekend project and I am now more intrigued by the world of scraping sprites.

If you're not familiar:

SimTower is a 1994 simulation computer game published by Maxis.

SimTower was made shortly after the release of SimCity 2000. Although published by Maxis, the game was originally developed in Japan and its license was acquired by Maxis. In Japan, it was published under the name of The Tower, and developed by Yoot Saito's company OPeNBooK Co., Ltd.
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