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Need help on how to improve on my Punch-out Sprites
This is my Kid Quick and i need to improve it also i would like to learn how to make these punch-out customs for future characters¬†    
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Hi ChrisC28,
As someone who also does Punch Out customs I will try my best to help you. Looking at your sheet the first areas that I see that need some work are all of the sprites in the fifth row. The two on the left need more detail, his nose needs more definition to give it form and the right side (our left) of the jaw/cheek needs to be clearly outlined so it doesn't blend in to his torso. The remaining three sprites in that row look as if his head has been stretched. It looks too wide in comparison to the other sprites, his ear also seems to be out of proportion and the right eye ( our left ) could be more detailed. In the sixth row, the first sprite looks as the top of his head was flattened, the hair and forehead should have more roundness to them and be less as wide as it currently is. As with the first two of the previous row, the line work should be complete to separate his head from his torso. The next sprite in that row looks as if his head could be a little wider with slightly more roundness to his hair and definition to his nose. In the seventh row, the last sprite on the right, his eye looks off. Perhaps a single line or a 4 pixel square may correct it. The portraits could also use a little work. His head seems out of proportion to his body and his left eye (our right) the black comes out too strong, it could use some balance and definition.

I hope this provides some help. Please understand that this is constructive criticism and not a judgement of your ability. Keep practicing and don't give up!

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
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Thanked by: Ton

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