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Models Ripping in PCSX2 not working
When Using PCSX2 1.4.0 I take a snap shot with [Shift + F8]. It gives me a BMP and a .gs but no OBJ. Why isn't it working? I use Default Hardware Device as the Adapter and Direct3D9 (Software) as the Renderer. Also PCSX2 0.9.8 wont run my game.
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Use an older version of PCSX2 like Version 0.9.8. It should capture obj. But if your game crashes, use the new version to save a save state and run the older version with the save state and a point of the game and your game should not crash at on point. And you can use PCSX2ModelConverter and adjust the model. But the normals on the model are messed up though. there's a youtube video on how to fix the model.
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