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Jewy Batman's Black And White Bijutsukan!

[noun] A building where paintings and other works of art are shown to the public.

I have been doing a lot of inking recently and plan to do a lot more, so, instead of me taking up the doodles topic, i have decided to create my own for your viewing pleasure! Or to tear down and tell me i'm terrible so that i can be inspired to do better, so lets do this!

NEWEST: Test page for comic!

Edward Elric(01/07/2018)
Jewy Batman(17/09/2018)
Sir Notches the Knight(17/09/2018)
Vegeta Pt 2.(17/09/2018)
Imperfect Cell(18/09/2018)
Zeb from Zphere(20/09/2018)

Blown Up Head Angel(20/09/2018)

Redrawn Nephews Drawings(26/09/2018)



Test Page for Comic(07/10/2018)

More coming soon...
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An update with two new pictures for you all!

(One is three new pictures, but i wont tell if you dont!)

Redrawn Nephews Drawings(26/09/2018):

My nephew did some characters for me and asked me to draw them, they included Dodo, the bad guy who is fat, naked, and in a show used for kicking people. Star guy, half star, half guy, and half chicken, and Trentacle, who, as you can see, has no tentacles.


This took me a lot longer than planned and i am not happy with it, but its here now and it used up a lot of my ink, so i will force myself to love it!
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Another new update here!


I was requested to draw Broly in the same style as my other DBZ drawings, so i thought, why the hell not? This is the first i have  edited in photoshop, as i wasn't happy with the head placement, and while it was in there i cleaned up a few lines. I also added a tiny Vegeta in the background because i felt it would just look 100 times better with him included. 

There's also a sneaky link to my twitter, see if you can spot it!

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So here's another update, ten days after i did it:

Test Page for Comic(07/10/2018)

I received some blue pencils in the mail(finally!) so got around to drawing out a test page, inking it  and scanning it in, the blue did NOT show up so my test was successful, makes me pretty damn happy, and since then i have been working ha-

Oh... Oh no... I have been sick, so i have nothing, but i'm feeling a bit healthier so i'll start doing work now, i swear!

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I wont be posting this on my main post because its not black and white and i'm a stickler for my own rules, so enjoy it down here for a limited time only!

Like father, like Son Gohan(31/10/2018)

So, in the latest chapter on the Dragon Ball Super manga, there is an homage to a classic scene of Goku punching Piccolo, so i decided to draw my own! I did the line art traditionally, then scanned in the image and coloured it in photoshop, and despite having mange problems with it, i declared it finished!

The Gohan needs a lot of fixing that i may do one day, but i'm super happy with how Cell turned out, and i will never be drawing Cell again as i have drawn him twice now and thats too many spots damnit!

Well, i have nothign elseo to say on the matter, so, enjoy! Smile

[Image: DqzrU2VWsAUh9BW.jpg:large]
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