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[WIP] Space Exploration game (updated 08/17/14)

I'm creating a sci-fi, top-down Space exploration game. Currently in what could be considered as pre-alpha, I have begun work on controls and physics. I'll keep track of major progress on here and will update this topic every now and then when interesting stuff happens. I am coding the game in Game Maker 8.1, which is a really decent tool if you know how to properly use it and it's coding system. Part of the gameplay will involve hacking other stuff.


W A S D: control starship (the grey triangle)
SPACE: Fire bullet
SHIFT: Fire rocket
Debugging Controls
I: spawn enemy
5: Lower shield strength 10 %
6: Raise shield strength 10 %
7: Decrease HP by 10 %
8: Increase HP by 10 %

08/17/14 Alpha B
- Tweaked controls and physics
- Begun work on enemies
- Added health and shields. Your shields take 1/3 of the damage something does. When they're all the way down, you'll start taking hull damage.
- Begun work on weapons
- Begun work on a basic GUI. See this for explanation.
- Added little markers that show an enemy's position when it's offscreen.
- Added some sounds
- Lots of little tweaks

All of this stuff probably is subject to change at some point in time.

Latest: Alpha B
Alpha A: Dropbox

If you wanna help me on this project, don't hesitate to let me know! I can use help, especially on spriting and artwork.
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Small tip: embedding screenshots makes them more obvious and easier to view. If you've got many it'd be better to put in spoiler tags though.

Obviously this is in the earliest stage so I can't suggest much without pointing out the obvious, but it's a good start!
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