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New Feature: Editing and Canceling of Pending Submissions
Good news everyone!

You can now edit and cancel your own pending submissions! This is a feature that many of you have been requesting for a while so I'm happy to finally be able to provide it. Simply go to your pending sheets page (by clicking the number next to "Pending Submissions") in the user box area of the header) and click on the appropriate button. Dazz and I just tested this pretty thoroughly but as always, please leave any bug reports, comments, suggestions, or anything else regarding this new feature here.

And of course, this means that you can help us get to your submissions faster by providing icons for them now so if you feel like helping out, make some icons and add them to your pending items!

Happy editing!
Thanks for adding this i've been wanting this feature for awhile Smile
What Rips am i doing next not sure?
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I expected editing already uploaded sheets to be added first, but this is very good too!
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As I've said before, editing existing sheets is never going to happen. Site staff already have the ability to edit them but opening that feature up to the public would defeat the purpose of having the submission queue at all. You will, relatively soon, be able to submit revisions to existing sheets though. It will work in the same way that edits do now except that they'll be queued for approval by staff before going live.
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Now off to re-make icons for my pending models!

EDIT: I ran into a problem. When I submitted icons for a model, they didn't show up. I even refreshed the page, went back to the homepage, then back to the pending page, and it still says "NO ICON". Could you please fix this?

DOUBLE EDIT: Never mind, I forgot to click the circles next to the Choose File option. I'm an idiot.
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