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New Smash fan Game,need spriters!

For those who don't know,me and a friend are making a fan smash game titled ''Super Smash Bros.Unsureega Sony Showdown!''.
spriters and programmers are needed.
mostly spriters. Check it on deviant art as #Project-Super-Smash!
c e r t i f i e d   m e m e l o r d .
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Hi there! Are you new to this site? My name is E-Man and I am an active member on the VG Resource.

I see that you would like sprites for his fan game and some of us would like to help you. If you would like to show us some progress from your game, try the game development thread. Just show us some progress form your game and we'll see what we can do about making sprites if we're interested.

Speaking of asking for sprites, we're not the kind of forum that takes requests, though. Sure, we have a section that lets you post requests, but I'm afraid that you have to make at least 20 meaningful posts and stayed on this site for at least a month until you can have access to that part of the forum. We also have a section for paid requests, but unless you have an actual means of paying cash to another user (i.e. Pay Pal), I wouldn't bother with it. With those two options out of the way, the only other means of getting your request fulfilled is personally ask a user through a private message about your request. Not all of them are willing to do requests for nothing, but it wouldn't hurt, right?

Instead of creating this request topic, why don't you create a new thread (or even convert this current thread) as a means of showcasing your sprites. Due to the nature of this section, expect to be critiqued quite a bit. Still, all of us here only want our new members to improve and we are genuinely curious about what your Kirby and Scott Pilgrim sprites look like.

Have a nice day and I hope you stick around to show us your sprites!
(02-27-2014, 07:31 PM)Gors Wrote: DO NOT BE AFRAID TO SUCK. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO SHOW YOUR SUCKY ART. I think this needs to go noticed to everyone, because sucking is not failing. Sucking is part of the fun of learning and if you don't suck, then you won't own at pixelart

it's ok to suck, sucking is not bad, just try and aim to always do your best!
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nope, request thread. lock.
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