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Files missing from internal storage? - horseshoecrab - 04-21-2021

hello again, sorry to be making so many posts about this but new issues keep coming up and i have no idea what i'm doing lol

so i've been trying to find certain files in yokai watch puni puni (clean transparent versions of the art from the real life toy medals) but i can't find them...anywhere. i used bluestacks tweaker to extract all the files and folders related to the game i could find in every subfolder but found nothing even indicating their presence. i even scanned some of my real life medals into the game to see if you needed to actually do so to get their respective art in the system files but that didn't do anything. i tried to open the folders in assetstudio but it wouldn't even load them so that's another dead end. i also looked in the obb folder in bluestacks to see if extra data was there but there was nothing there at all

i'm completely stumped on what to do or where to look next, please help as i really want to find these before my motivation burns out :(