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Eternal Return: Black Survival W.I.P. - Zektronic - 02-04-2021

[It's been quite a bit since I lasted posted anything here but here we go.]

Lately this game across my feed on Steam, and I decided to give it a shot. But shortly after playing I learned it's all built in Unity. Which I never tried my hand in ripping before. Currently my method has yielded results lower than what I was hoping to achieve. The models I've ripped thus far all lack rigging and the potential shape keys. I think I figured out why it's not exporting the rigging with it though so I haven't lost hope yet of submitting these to the site perchance once I get the models ready. Regardless of my own hopes though I thought I'd share a little preview lacking any shading or rendering, of the main menu models of Adriana, and Luke since they have a higher quality than those used in the maps itself.

Hope you enjoy this regardless.

Adriana - With Weapons

Luke - Without Weapons

RE: Eternal Return: Black Survival W.I.P. - charlestone - 05-27-2021

was wondering if there's been any update on your work?