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"Other Systems" project - Sounds Edition - shadowman44 - 04-05-2020

Wow, this subforum doesn't even have a second page! Tragic, but I figured I'd throw my hat here and lay out an "other systems ripping" project here.

* 3DO: 6
* Amiga / Amiga CD32: 1
* Atari: 1
* CD-i: 4
* Commodore 64: 1
* Game Gear: 3
* Gizmondo: 14
* Hyperscan: 5
* LeapFrog Didj: 1
* Leapster: 1
* NEC PC-8801 1
* Sharp X68000: 1
* TurboGrafx-16: 4
* V.Flash: 2
* Virtual Boy: 1
* WonderSwan / WSC: 1

So there are some consoles that are on the main list on here and some of the consoles from the "other systems" are not present, why? Because this project is meant for like getting them up to the point where they become a "full system". Giving them an alphabet category, highest submitter etc. The game count in order to do so is 15 if my estimates are correct.

RE: "Other Systems" project - Sounds Edition - shadowman44 - 02-24-2021

Time for an update, the sounds resource's main console list has changed somewhat since the last time I checked. The PC section had it's flash/html games split into a new "Browser Games" category, which was already full by the time I got to this thread. The Master System has been moved down to the section and Dreamcast has taken up the reigns in the main list now. See ya'll next year I guess.