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Genesis3D file help - SpongeBat1 - 01-25-2020

I'm trying to extract the models from Dragon's Lair 3D, and for once in my lifeĀ I finally found the program that works with them, Genesis3D. The 3D models and their animations are all stored as .act files, and while I can view them just fine using Genesis3D's Actor Viewer, I can't find a way to actually export them into a different format.

Does anyone know how to export these kinds of models, or at least know any plugins for Blender or 3DS Max to import .act files?

RE: Genesis3D file help - SpongeBat1 - 02-09-2020

Never mind, I've figured out how to decompile the models in Milkshape 3D. The model itself is a .bdy file while all the animations are .mot files.

Trouble is I can't save or export anything in the trial version of MS3D. Again, does anyone know of any .bdy Blender/3DS Max plugins? If not I can purchase a license (I can afford it, it's just I'm not sure I want to spend $35 on something I might not use beyond getting these models).