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Shining Nikki - Android Ripping Help - seylum - 10-01-2019

Hello! So I've been trying and somewhat successfully to rip the 3D models from the Android mobile game Shining Nikki.

After a lot of trial and error I was able to get the method using Nox and NinjaRipper to work, however, it rips everything into tons of different meshes and textures rather than one mesh for  a hair or dress, for example.

The other night I tried to do the method that extracts that OBB from the emulator to zip and then unzip to use in AssetStudio, however, when I load the asset folder up there's no meshes at all, just miscellaneous things from the game like icons and menus and such.

Can someone please tell me what I might be missing or doing wrong when trying to get these models?
I've been ripping my hair out trying to do it myself (it's also my first time ripping. Shy)  and it's just time I asked for some assistance, lol.

Thank you in advance!

RE: Shining Nikki - Android Ripping Help - Haussenkraft - 10-08-2019

If it's not in the obb then it's probably in the android folder after being downloaded from the server

RE: Shining Nikki - Android Ripping Help - Makoto - 10-09-2019

downlaod an apk, it should eba rounf a gb
open the obb folder
browse trough folders until you find a lot of tga files
open them in hxd and elete the 7 bytes from the start
now asset studio reads them
the meshes are a lot and split so naturally there will be lot of hair and diferent dresses, accessories and so on