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Best & Worst Video Game Ports - PaperWilliam - 07-18-2019

We all know the process of how a video game port is made (And before y'all ask, retro games on the Wii, WiiU, 3DS, and Nintendo Switch NES doesn't count!)

So let's all discuss about the best & worse ports ever made in our (the members of the VG resource community) in this thread!  Wink

Best ports imo:
  • Any of the 3-D (for Nintendo 3DS) & SEGA AGES (For Nintendo Switch) ports of the classical SEGA games from the late 80's to I think the early 90's.
  •  The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the 3DS (Only because Master Quest was so much fun! Tongue )
  • Street Fighter Alpha on the Gameboy Color

Okay ports imo:
  • Donkey Kong Country on Gameboy Color

Worst Ports imo:
  •  Mega Man II on the SEGA Master System (It looks too much like the NES version, except with FM sounds and music)

RE: Best & Worst Video Game Ports - thebee78 - 09-27-2019

YS VIII's PC port is a recent example of a terrible port.

Final Fantasy VI for mobile/PC is about as bad of a job you can possibly do at "updating" graphics.

Jeffrey Nadrich