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Catherine rips from PS3 - janey4319 - 03-28-2019

I have managed to rip (and convert) all the audio from Catherine for PS3.  That being said, I have had them for over a year now, but I'm having some trouble organising it all.  This is my first time taking audio from different directories and I am a bit overwhelmed by everything lol.  

I'm not sure if I should sort them by speaker, event, or something else?  Should I keep unused clips separate?  What should I do with all the Japanese left-overs?  I would love to have these up here (and the unused ones on TCRF), but I think it's time that I admit that I need help with this project.

Does anyone have any tips/ideas?

RE: Catherine rips from PS3 - Pingus! - 03-28-2019

If the folders are sorted by stage and unsorted, you can leave them by event/stage. If possible, try to put it by character first. With the unused voices, you can submit them still with the base voices, but just make a folder for them called “Unused” (this is actually not necessary but you can if you’d like). If you need any more help, feel free to DM a staff member Smile

RE: Catherine rips from PS3 - XVI00 - 04-05-2021

Hey any chance of sharing sound files, I have the iso though I've had no luck extracting anything.