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[Update 21/09/2019] Super Bowsette - bowsette_game - 12-24-2018

[Image: vjpAom.png]

Hello, VGR! Super Bowsette is a free, open-source game featuring princess Bowsette as the main character. Follow her as she explores a completely unknown continent!

It features simple controls and each course has a unique theme. You can run by pressing Z, jump by pressing X and breath fire by pressing C.

Beta 2 brings several new features, such as new courses, gamepad support and an in-game library.

This beta release comes with six levels and two bonus courses.

[Image: mOQ7F8.png]
[Image: 8U53GL.png]
[Image: f5VK0V.png]
[Image: lDoRKM.png]

Download ( page)
Download Link (Mediafire)
Feedback is more than welcome!

RE: Super Bowsette - BenitoChiles - 01-08-2019

Thanks for sharing this game, looking to complete the FIFA series and then jump to this to have.

RE: Super Bowsette - Micah Wars - 01-15-2019

This game is similar to a game I am making called Bowsette: The Game. (Working Title) The game is going to be based on the original comic and Bowsette would be the main character, with mario as an unlockable.

RE: Super Bowsette - Kold-Virus - 01-15-2019

Wow, this is an interesting idea Big Grin

RE: Super Bowsette - CurtisBissonnette - 01-23-2019

I am quite confused to have this game over here, it's quite similar to the Mario one. I used to play this in my childhood.

RE: Super Bowsette - Kazufox - 04-21-2019

Just so everyone knows, this is NOT a dead project...much progress has been made in terms of levels and power-ups.

It's more than half done at this point. Details will be shared at a later time.

RE: Super Bowsette - bowsette_game - 05-19-2019

[Image: 29ghyoedf3z21.png]

RE: Super Bowsette - iyenal - 05-19-2019

(05-19-2019, 10:10 AM)bowsette_game Wrote: WIP
[Image: 29ghyoedf3z21.png]

Very nice graphics, love the background!

RE: Super Bowsette - bowsette_game - 09-21-2019

Hello, VGR!
To celebrate Bowsette 1-year anniversary, we just released Super Bowsette Beta 2. It includes new courses, enemies, a full library to explore the lore, bug fixes, and much more.
Check the updated OP or the page for more information and the download link.