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Secret Santa 2018 - puggsoy - 12-03-2018

Secret Santa 2018!

BAM! Here we are back once again. The community has largely moved over to the website's Discord channel nowadays, but we just can't pass up the ancient tradition of a good old Secret Santa here on the VGR forum.

A recap of the rules: each person who signs up has to make a gift for another person who has signed up. Everybody knows who they're making a gift for, but nobody knows who is making a gift for them. The gift can be pretty much anything. Traditionally most people make drawings, but it can also be a poem, song, animation, video, even a game. It doesn't have to be amazing either, as long as you made it yourself, put some effort in, and have fun!
Once you're done you PM the gift to me, and at the end I'll reveal all the gifts and who they're for. We're obviously not revealing who made what (that spoils the secrecy part), so be sure not to sign your gifts Tongue

This thread is for signing up to the event; just post here saying you want in! You might also want to give a little list of your interests or things you like, to give your Secret Santa some ideas for how to theme their gift.
Please sign up only if you're confident you'll actually be able to make your gift in time. It's not nice to get a gift without making one!

The sign up deadline is December 8th, 3am PST (6am EST), then I will PM everybody whom they're making their gift for. The deadline for the gifts will be December 24th, 3am (6am EST), and I will aim to reveal them early on the 25th. If you have suggestions for these dates to change around, feel free to let me know.

People who have signed up (names linked to their post):

RE: Secret Santa 2018 - Ziella - 12-03-2018

I'm interested in signing up this year.
Some stuff that I'm interested in include:
- Castlevania (Especially Simon and Richter)
- Danganronpa
- Persona 3 and 5
- Smash Brothers
- Animal Crossing

I'm more of a Model person but I do enjoy sprites and drawings too and will willingly take anything.

RE: Secret Santa 2018 - Sevenstitch - 12-03-2018

Well why not, its the reason for the season

i like penguins, sprite art, and video games (favs would include Megaman Legends, SMW2 Yoshi's Island, Chrono Trigger)

not picky here, ill be happy with whatever

RE: Secret Santa 2018 - Demonlemon - 12-04-2018

Sign me up!
Likes: foodons, drawings/sprites of demonlemon, anything based on this other dumb character I made:

RE: Secret Santa 2018 - MrPr1993 - 12-04-2018

I'm in!

I not only do Low Poly modelin', I also draw stuffs.

I do have my project I'm working on (for those who want to know) - Shaundi's World

Also a fan of Banjo-Kazooie & Conker (they inspired the above game)

As for whatever format you'll make, I don't mind what it is. ^^

RE: Secret Santa 2018 - LochSnesMonster - 12-05-2018

Hey this could be fun!

I like making sprites and sometimes do low-poly stuff

I love pokemon, splatoon, touhou and other video game stuff (why else would i be here lol)

I'll accept anything honestly! Big Grin

RE: Secret Santa 2018 - puggsoy - 12-09-2018

OK! A little late but everybody should have a PM with their Secret Santa recipient now. PM me back a gift for them before December 24th, 3am (6am EST). Have fun! Smile

RE: Secret Santa 2018 - puggsoy - 12-24-2018

OK so the deadline is essentially here, but we're still missing a gift from one person. I'll give them sometime to send it, so I'll delay the gift reveal to 3pm PST (6pm EST) Christmas day.

RE: Secret Santa 2018 - puggsoy - 12-25-2018

A little late but here are the gifts! Great job everyone, I hope you had a fun time and Happy Holidays! Smile

For Ziella (along with the model and textures!):
[Image: 6w607O3.png]

For Sevenstitch:
[Image: X8D01wz.png]

For Demonlemon:
[Image: u2MGM35.png]

For MrPr1993:
[Image: MkjZdpx.png]

For LochSnesMonster:
[Image: 0WH6z2K.png]

RE: Secret Santa 2018 - Demonlemon - 12-25-2018

I love it so much Heart

RE: Secret Santa 2018 - MrPr1993 - 12-27-2018

Good work everyone!

Oh, how I love that pixel Shaundi X3

RE: Secret Santa 2018 - Sevenstitch - 12-28-2018

I'm late, but thanks for the gift, secret santa, i love it