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Axis' Art Dump - ~Axis~ - 10-14-2018

I almost forgot that I had an account here lol, might as well share my sketches.

[Image: Do2NpMbX0A8oiJA.jpg]

[Image: image0.jpg]

[Image: DooRFhmX0AAPGjs.jpg]

[Image: DoShFYDWkAEBJQu.jpg]

These are my most recent sketches, feel free to give criticism if you want to.

RE: Axis' Art Dump - JewyB - 10-17-2018

The shading on these is fantastic, what medium do you use?

RE: Axis' Art Dump - ~Axis~ - 10-18-2018

I use digital. Mainly use Procreate on my ipad pro.