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Old space shooter projects (Thoughts?) - IsaacRB - 07-07-2018

I actually forgot that when I was thinking of leaving the site, I removed most of the things from my threads.

Well, I'm putting the content back in.

This thread was originally for a couple of VERY old fangames I'd made (A Gradius fangame in the style of the GB games that wasn't much more than a shoddy rehash of them and a somewhat more original Darius fangame with poor level design), and while I haven't developed them much since, when I originally deleted the description, I also removed the download links. I'm re-instating them now, although this post won't be updated until these old projects are.

The controls are the same for both: Arrow keys to move, Z to shoot, and X to equip a power-up. (Only Nemesis 3 GB uses the X key.)

Darius: Trepidation:

Nemesis 3 GB:

In Darius: Trepidation, there is a text box that cheat codes can be entered into. They have the following effects:

Genesis - Changes the Silver Hawk to resemble its appearance in G-Darius. Purely cosmetic.

Tiat - Changes the Silver Hawk from red to blue. Purely cosmetic.

Amnelia - Replaces the Silver Hawk with the Amnelian Fighter as seen in G-Darius. It is locked to the lowest-level version of the laser and cannot use red power-ups.

RE: Old space shooter projects (Thoughts?) - IsaacRB - 09-07-2019

I'm currently working on a complete rewrite of Darius Trepidation as practice for a currently-undisclosed future project.