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RE: Story in Video Games - FinestHour - 04-19-2018

I love how stories work in games. I wish Virtua Fighter had a decent story mode.

RE: Story in Video Games - Usyra - 07-18-2018

I say gameplay is inherently more important, since if the game is glitchy and unplayable, I won't stick around to see how the story turns out. I can play a game with a bad story, but the gameplay has to be INCREDIBLY awesome to make me forgive it.

For example, I'll play MegaMan X4. The story is an idiot plot that could be resolved in the very first stage, but the levels and bosses are still fun every time.

By contrast, I WON'T play Soul Calibur V, because as fun as the combat can be, the story's incomplete and the new characters are either uninteresting or unlikable.