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Greetings from The Movies Cinema - DibujanteTM - 12-16-2017

Hello everybody!

I'm DibujanteTM, a "cinema artist" who plays The Movies game. I don't know if you ever heard about this sensational game, it gives you free ways to launch your own animated movie. Personally, I like these modding stuff I found in your site, specially at models section. Although I don't know how to animate in external software (Blender, c4d, 3dmax, maya...) and I'm really a beginner in riggind models, I know how to convert the models into The Movies, so I can film my own projects with them really easily. 

From here on, I will add vg-resource and these mod submitters into my project credits. I just wanted to leave a message here, you have a wonderful site and it helps me very much!

I wish you keep on updating the site and uploading more models. Thank you very much for all of this.

PD : 

 a "videoclip" I made with this game using Moana models which I found in your site.