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Errors - Dazz - 07-05-2014

Spotted an error on any of the Resource sites? Point it out here!

Petie Edit: For reference, we have for a while now adopted an unofficial policy of thanking an error report once it's been addressed. I'm making this official as of today (September 14, 2018) as it's been a great way to avoid cluttering up the thread with simple "done" style replies. The staff member who responds to the error will thank the original post. Hopefully, this makes enough sense for everyone to follow easily!

RE: Errors - Daxar - 07-05-2014

I'm getting a "Authorization code mismatch. Are you accessing this function correctly? Please go back and try again." error when I click on a "Subscribe to this thread" button. I can't remember if I was getting them before and it subscribed me to them anyway, but it seems that it's not subscribing me at all now.

RE: Errors - Shade - 07-05-2014

Tried updating an icon and this happened.
[Image: i7uXCSKcE3I7m.png]

RE: Errors - Petie - 07-05-2014

Refresh after updating. Before the new site launched, new icons were going to their own folder. Now, they're replacing the existing images so you're seeing the cached version from before the update.

RE: Errors - redblueyellow - 07-06-2014

The facebook links still go to the old url (i.e. not The VG Resource facebook page).

RE: Errors - Superjustinbros - 07-06-2014

(07-05-2014, 11:42 PM)Petie Wrote: Refresh after updating. Before the new site launched, new icons were going to their own folder. Now, they're replacing the existing images so you're seeing the cached version from before the update.

Ah, no wonder why these looked odd.

[Image: uKzuijf.png]

RE: Errors - TheShyGuy - 07-06-2014

I can't go to the last page of TFR: Not So Turbo Edition [Program] (Updated 7-1ish) =/ Going to the last page of other threads seem to work fine though. It just takes me to the main forum page.


Actually clicking on the "Go to first unread post" and the "Last Post:" links work.

Quote:Spotted an error on any of the Resource sites?
....oops hehe sorry about this......I dunno where to post errors/issues for the forum =/

RE: Errors - Petie - 07-06-2014

I can't seem to reproduce your error. Let me know if you're still seeing the issue in the next few hours.

RE: Errors - Garamonde - 07-06-2014

When I click the Who's Online link, it just reloads the main page.

RE: Errors - Petie - 07-06-2014

It doesn't seem to be doing that for me and nothing should have really changed there with the new site's launch. I did upgrade the forum software at the same time though so that could be causing it. Have you tried logging out and back in?

RE: Errors - Garamonde - 07-06-2014

Well that didn't work but after clearing my cache and cookies, it did. Thanks anyway!

RE: Errors - Key0808 - 07-07-2014

-Models Resource-

I'm not sure if this is just me (tried refreshing a few times, but the problem still persists), but the new big icons for models that previously didn't have any preview icons at all, appear as the good ol' .ZIP Archive Download button.

Cannon Beemon - Digimon Masters
Prove that the image is present in the Database
What I see (even after refreshing)

Other examples:
Optimus - Transformers: War for Cybertron
BanchoLeomon - Digimon Masters

Is this just me or an actual error?

RE: Errors - Petie - 07-07-2014

It's an actual error. We didn't have much opportunity to test big icons, unfortunately, so we kind of went in blind on them. I'll see if I can find some time tonight to take a look and get them working.

Thanks for bringing this up though! Having some samples of things that should definitely work will make life easier.

RE: Errors - Mystie - 07-07-2014

The Dominique that I submitted to TMR had a texture glitch on the back of her skirt, and another one underneath her right arm.

Here is a link to the model:
And here is an updated version with the problems fixed:

RE: Errors - LunchPolice - 07-07-2014

I posted a thread in the Fighter's Resource subforum but I can't access it from said subforum; only from "View Today's Posts" and whatnot. What's up with that? Also, my regular posts seem to have a weird delay on them. They aren't always displayed immediately like you'd expect. I'm very confused