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Doraemon N64 Model Rips - Zach7551 - 10-07-2017

Mr C. had already ripped the hud icons from the first Doraemon game on the Nintendo 64, So I decided to start submitting some of the models.

Lets start off with the only one i have polished up by the time im posting this, mr. Roboto-Neko himself, Doraemon.[Image: v58vxqr]

[Image: v58vxqr.png]

I had to polish him up because I used him for a "updated Doraemon 3dmm expansion pack", which means i removed some of the feautures that i had to re-add, such as the whites in his eyes. it still mostly looks close to the actual one in the game, so yeah.

If anyone else is gonna try to re-rip the others for me because i messed them up while converting them to 3dmm, then go right ahead. just please use the original names as i hate when people refer to Nobita as Noby.

woops didnt package the model in the original zip

RE: Doraemon N64 Model Rips - Zach7551 - 10-07-2017

Download the file underneath, ya bums!