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Bomberman Sprites - MrPretyBombur - 07-27-2017

So I made these bomberman sprites a few days ago, tell me what you think!


RE: Bomberman Sprites - Gors - 07-27-2017

this is extremely subpar, is this your first attempt on pixelart?

you have done banding everywhere, and has copious amounts of straight lines which makes your character very rigid and lifeless.

RE: Bomberman Sprites - MrPretyBombur - 07-27-2017

I haven't done pixel art in a while, and what's banding?

RE: Bomberman Sprites - MrPretyBombur - 07-28-2017

I made some new sprites, are they better?

RE: Bomberman Sprites - Dontpixelonme - 07-28-2017

Constructive Criticism, Senor Gors.

Your main color selections are really good. And the overall design is also pretty good.
On a 32x32 scale you can afford to use a few more curves. Working on shading will also help to make those details pop out.

You need to work on your shade color selection a bit. It's easy for some of it to go unnoticed(like the white on white shades.)
And on shading technique a bit.
Banding is form of shading in which you basically follow the outline with increasingly lighter/darker colors. In most cases it doesn't offer realistic shading and fails to give an object depth.

Keep it up.

RE: Bomberman Sprites - MrPretyBombur - 07-29-2017

The reason the white bomber's (or base) shading is unnoticeable is because i didn't want people to mistaken it for a light grey

RE: Bomberman Sprites - Dontpixelonme - 07-29-2017

If you shade it right people can tell. You can do it.

RE: Bomberman Sprites - MrPretyBombur - 07-31-2017

okay here's my new one

RE: Bomberman Sprites - Chipman - 08-04-2017

(07-31-2017, 01:07 PM)MrPretyBombur Wrote:

Looks good, I love bomberman!

RE: Bomberman Sprites - MrPretyBombur - 08-05-2017

thanks man

RE: Bomberman Sprites - MrPretyBombur - 08-07-2017

I just made a bunch of other sprites!

RE: Bomberman Sprites - MrPretyBombur - 12-10-2017

bringin' the place back alive  Wink [attachment=7892]
i've also made some more bombermen/women/whatever, so stay tuned!