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Submitting cleaned-up models - SoulSlayerAbad - 04-07-2017

I often download models from here for my personal use and for reference. I use blender, and the first thing I do after downloading it is to to open it up and start cleaning it up. Stiching things, grouping relevant object, applying missing or broken materials and texture, etc. Basically making it fit for use in Blender. I'm sure all of us have to go through this.

I felt like I should share the blend files so that others can make use of them. So my question is this. Is there any place to upload these? For example, if I wanted to include these in the original zip files for download, how should I go about it? Contact the original uploader? Is it allowed? Should I even bother?

RE: Submitting cleaned-up models - Pingus! - 04-07-2017

You shouldn't bother, because resubmitting hand-edited models to the site isn't considered a "rip". Though, I'd assume it can be placed under the "Custom/Edited" section, but don't quote me on that.

RE: Submitting cleaned-up models - Random Talking Bush - 04-08-2017

I think you might've misunderstood the post, Pingu. If you're doing overall fix-ups to existing models on the site, then those could be submitted as revisions for the existing ones. Otherwise, if there's a substantial amount of changes to make it essentially a new model, then it would go under Custom / Edited.