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Question regarding model timeframes: - jameslieko - 09-05-2016

I saw that the user TwiliChaos ripped and submitted a ton of Twilight Princess models and locations almost a full month ago. I've been waiting for those to go live so I can make use of them in my remastering projects, but there's been no update to the Twilight Princess page since submission. It there a general timeframe for page updates after models are submitted? I don't mean to sound ungrateful for everything the staff does, I'm just curious as to how much longer I should expect to wait.

RE: Question regarding model timeframes: - SuperFlomm - 09-05-2016

Please, be patient. There is still a huge amount of models backlogged and we only have about 2 people working on the Models Resource. The models will go live eventually (assuming there is nothing wrong with them).