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Broken Characters - Petie - 08-09-2016

Copying this over from VGFacts since it's also slightly relevant here:

Hi everyone! I recently fixed a major issue that I only just discovered the solution for. The result is that special characters (including character sets from other languages) now display natively and properly on all pages. The bad news is that, given the old incomplete configuration, any special characters submitted prior to yesterday were re-encoded and are now broken as a result. I've fixed the most prevalent ones (single and double quotes copied from Word, dashes that were converted to emdashes, and bullet points that were mis-entered) but I'm sure there's plenty more out there. In particular, Japanese characters are definitely broken and I already fixed one of them today. Should you find any odd looking characters while browsing the site, please report them so I can fix it.


Of special note on the resource sites is likely going to be single quotes as I don't anticipate much in the way of Japanese text floating around. Basically though, just keep an eye out for any weird characters and either submit a revision (if possible) or report it here.

RE: Broken Characters - naynaybuggins - 08-10-2016

I was going through some random models on the Models Resource and noticed that all model categories that have the character 'é', has the character shown as é instead.
Here is an example:
P.S: This doesn't apply to game names or model names, only categories.

RE: Broken Characters - Petie - 08-10-2016

Thanks! We were able to fix most of those on the other sites but section editing on tMR is currently disabled due to the icon renovation. I just fixed all of them on tMR though (specifically the é -> é conversion, that is). Other broken characters will still need to be reported.

RE: Broken Characters - Gors - 08-10-2016

idk if this will cause broken text to happen but this game

should be rendered "Turma da Mônica na Terra dos Monstros" with an ô, as it's a portuguese title.

The character herself doesn't need the change because her comic strips were already published in english as "Monica's Gang", but the title can't be changed because it was never released outside from here.

RE: Broken Characters - Petie - 08-10-2016

Fixed that, thanks. The main purpose behind the change I made was to ensure special characters didn't break. The problem is that special characters used before I made it were re-encoded and break now that things are configured correctly. Since that was entered as a normal o to begin with, all is well.

RE: Broken Characters - Gors - 08-11-2016

again, this one should be spelled "férias" with an é (i forgot about this game)

this one is totally fucked up, it should be 悪魔城サキュバス

RE: Broken Characters - Petie - 08-12-2016

Looks like both of these have been fixed (and the full name added to the first game). And yes, Japanese characters are going to be a disaster until they're found and fixed.

RE: Broken Characters - Gors - 08-15-2016

this one is "Katekyō" with an ō. Other games in the series seem to lack it.

RE: Broken Characters - Gors - 08-17-2016

this one is also spelled with an ō, but the most common spelling for this word is "Mahou". I prefer the latter.

RE: Broken Characters - Dazz - 08-17-2016


RE: Broken Characters - Gors - 08-17-2016

same cause, it's "Go Hōbi", but the most common spelling is "Gohoubi". I wish I could look more into this game, but I'm at work and trying to search it gives me a lot of hentai pics

i have no idea about this one though

EDIT: now the title has a star. I guess that's the correct symbol

RE: Broken Characters - Dazz - 08-17-2016

Also fixed, though I've changed Mah-jong to just Mahjong

RE: Broken Characters - Gors - 08-17-2016

"Pistol Daimyou no Bouken"

RE: Broken Characters - Petie - 09-15-2016

So, SuperFlomm just brought a bug to my attention that I'd like some feedback on. After making the changes originally mentioned in this thread, we've been updating names to reflect accented characters correctly. This has been going well except for Ōkami on the PS2, which is showing up in both the # section and the O section of the PS2 category, as seen below:

I understand why it's happening but it's not something I can fix (it has to do with the character encoding and regular expressions not playing nicely with special characters on the database side). The two options are either to leave it as is (keep the special character and just let it show up in two places) or strip special characters if they are the first character of a game or console name. I'm leaning towards the latter given that the cases where it happens will likely be relatively rare but I'd like some feedback regardless. Thoughts?

RE: Broken Characters - Garamonde - 09-15-2016

I think it wouldn't hurt if such cases didn't have the characters, but at the same time people will wonder why those cases lack those characters. Though it would also take up space if the game were in both places right? So I'd say exclude them.