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Hello, and greetings! - KoroKusuo23 - 01-31-2015

Hello Everyone, I'm KoroKusuo23. I have joined this site for my love of gaming and also see awesome models that have been ripped from the classics to some of the games of the new age. I myself am a model ripper but also a beginner so I plan to help add models to the Model's Resource forum in the near future.
I do love anime and hobbies are drawing sometimes and playing my 3Ds. If anyone else has a question to ask I will answer them if you wish to ask a little more about me.

RE: Hello, and greetings! - puggsoy - 01-31-2015

Hey KoroKusuo, welcome to the Resource! Always great to see new people interested in ripping Smile

Enjoy your stay!

RE: Hello, and greetings! - KoroKusuo23 - 02-01-2015

Thank you, I'm sure to enjoy it here.

RE: Hello, and greetings! - ~Axis~ - 02-02-2015

Welcome to TVGR! Hope you enjoy it here.

RE: Hello, and greetings! - Navana - 02-07-2015

Nice to meet you! Welcome to the forum.