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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate [3ds] Model's - Grant_V - 01-20-2015


I'm looking for some help with ripping Models from 3ds games, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate to be specific.

Me and a friend Make Cosplay props and we are hoping to make some armor and weapons from the game, we normally get 3d models and use them as a template using programs like paperkura and 3D Studios Max if the model needs to be tweaked slightly (Textures don't matter too much, can easily be reproduced during painting the model) I have no knowledge when it comes to ripping models, however, I know it's possible to rip from 3ds games, Could anyone help me out on this?

The Armor we are both looking to make (We have not decided the weapons) are;
  • Zinogre G-rank Armor (Blademaster)

  • Sand Barioth G-Rank Armor (Blademaster)

Thanks again
- Grant V.

(Also sorry for posting this in the Sound page instead of the Model page, i was browsing both at the time and must have got confused.)