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Official Name Change Log and Requests - Petie - 01-18-2015

This post will serve as an official log for name changes. While members can't directly change their name, you can request a name change via this thread (please don't post anything other than name change requests here though) and, assuming you have a good reason for wanting a new name (and have checked to see if the username you want is available - please do this before posting here) and don't abuse the privilege, I'll change your name for you. This log will be used to help people keep track of who everyone is once names have been changed.

Note: As this has come up a couple of times, it's important to mention that changing your forum username will not change the submitter name on any of your existing (or pending) submissions. If you need your submitter name changed as well, please indicate that as well and provide a link to your submitter profile on each site that it needs to be changed on.

As of June 13, 2023, I have decided to stop logging username changes publicly. This way, if there are ever any privacy concerns, old names cannot be traced back to new accounts from this thread.

RE: Official Name Change Log and Requests - Kelvin - 02-19-2015

I'd like my name changed to Kelvin, please. I don't go by Midi anymore, since I want to make him an independent character and not be misconstrued as a self-insert.


RE: Official Name Change Log and Requests - SuperFlomm - 03-02-2015

Change my name to SuperFlomm please.

Please provide a reason for your name change.

I have had this username for a very long time and it does sounds kind of generic, doesn't it?
So my new username is a combination of my nickname (Flo) and the first letter of my last name twice.
And to me, Flomm sounds like a word which makes people wonder what it means Smile

I hope that reason is good enough.

Good enough for me!

RE: Official Name Change Log and Requests - Kawasuzu - 03-02-2015

I would like to change my name from Goldtex to Kawasuzu.

I really don't use Goldtex anymore. The only reason why I changed the name was because that one of my accounts probably had the worst name that I had. That site had a name changing feature, and I changed it to Kawasuzu. I think it was a much better name and I personally think it's much better than Goldtex. I also rather have people call me Kawasuzu (or Kawa) as well.


RE: Official Name Change Log and Requests - Enchlore - 03-25-2015

I just want to take the ♠ out of my username, leaving it just 'Enchlore.' The symbol can create formatting problems and my recent researches on what each card suit represents have shown me that spades isn't exactly me. Not to mention the symbol was just a part of my name because I couldn't leave the second name field blank on my Google account.

Done. Smile

RE: Official Name Change Log and Requests - Chris Shade - 05-19-2015

Can you change my name to 'Chris Shade'? I only used kinlyki because its my youtube username. Chris Shade happens to be my username on most other forums I'm on.

Also, I submitted models crediting me as Chris Shade rather than kinlyki. (This one is a kinda stupid reason)


RE: Official Name Change Log and Requests - Dolphman - 05-19-2015

Nothing major, but just a capital D instead of the lowercase one I've had since I first joined here.

Done! No log entry necessary for this one since it was just a case change.

RE: Official Name Change Log and Requests - Cytric Acid - 06-11-2015

could i have my name changed to Cytric Acid? It's what I go by on most websites now a-days and obsession with turbo is over. i'd best stick with something people can recognize me by and not a character or something whose obsession will inevitably pass. thank you c:

Alrighty then. Name changed!

RE: Official Name Change Log and Requests - SageHarpuiaJDJ - 06-13-2015

Can you change my Name to SageHarpuiaJDJ?

I used this name on every other forum I'm on, and I've seen others that I know as well, so changing it to my common forum name would help others recognize me. Also this name kinda sucks. : P

All set!

RE: Official Name Change Log and Requests - Jermungandr - 06-28-2015

Pardon me for this odd request, but I was wondering if I could get my submitter name changed on TSR, rather than my forum name.

Dazz was nice enough to change it for me several months ago, but he mistakenly changed it to Jeremy instead of Jermungandr; an understandable mistake since I was in the chatroom under that name at the time. I felt like kind of an ass asking him to fix it a second time, so I just left the situation alone at the time.

However since the submission page defaults to the name I'm logged in as, I'm afraid I'm going to start forgetting I have to change it back to "Jeremy" sometime in the future and end up with two submission profiles. It'd be easier for me if we could just change the name to match my forum name so I don't have to remember. I'm sorry if this is more of a hassle than just changing forum names.

You can actually set your default submitter name from your User CP here or the Edit Profile page on the site but I went ahead and updated your submitter name regardless.

RE: Official Name Change Log and Requests - captainkakarot64 - 06-30-2015

I want to change my name from captainkarrotcake64 to captainkakarot64. At first I liked the pun on kakarot but now I think it's lame.

sure thing

done Smile

RE: Official Name Change Log and Requests - shrubbyfrog - 07-01-2015

is it possible to change my name to TheRealSteven ?

Of course it is



RE: Official Name Change Log and Requests - Ehm - 07-06-2015

I'd like to change my username to "Ehm". I've changed it across various sites already and would like to keep my account here consistent. Thanks.

As you wish, your name has been changed.

RE: Official Name Change Log and Requests - lu9 - 07-08-2015

I suppose you wouldn't be able to change my username into "Lu9" given the fact there is already that old account from when I was 10...
...maybe merge accounts or something?
Well, if it's not possible, then at least "tehlu9prod" would be nice.
Littlesquare2005 was usually my YouTube username, because I wanted the channel to be related to an "original series"
I was trying to make but that didn't work. On most sites that I can't go as just "Lu9" I go as "tehlu9prod".

Merging accounts is a possibility - but do you feel ok merging your brand new account with the old one?

If you prefer, I think can rename your old account into something else so you can have your name back.

that would be better, I guess.

done. Your old account is now named old_lu9.

RE: Official Name Change Log and Requests - miyabi95_ - 07-13-2015

"JazzGW" please and thank you Smile.

All set!