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Hello world! - sonosublime - 12-30-2014

Hi all,

I am from Australia, and am new (very new) to the model ripping community. I am learning how to rip models so I can make use of them to make movies with Source Filmmaker.

I look forward to getting to know you all Smile

RE: Hello world! - puggsoy - 12-30-2014

Welcome to the Resource, sonosublime! We've got some really skilled model rippers here, I'm sure they'll be glad to help you learn Smile

Enjoy your stay!

RE: Hello world! - ~Axis~ - 12-30-2014

[Image: ripped-pants-music-video.jpg]

Yeah. We'll show you how to rip real good.

Hope you like it here. Wink

RE: Hello world! - sonosublime - 12-30-2014

Thanks for the kind welcome guys Genki ^_^

RE: Hello world! - Matt421421 - 01-31-2015

I, Myself, do not know how to rip.