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Hi - Elk - 10-14-2014

Im new here! Looking forward to stalk people's works

RE: Hi - 킹레렛아 - 10-14-2014

(10-14-2014, 10:31 AM)Elk Wrote: Im new here! Looking forward to stalk people's works

Let us stalk each other's wordsssssss!

RE: Hi - Shade - 10-14-2014

Oh, I actually remember you...

Welcome back! :>

RE: Hi - eureka - 10-14-2014

I'm Nate.
I'm head honcho around here so if you need anything come to me.
No but really welcome!
Hope you enjoy your stay!

RE: Hi - Mighty Jetters - 10-14-2014

Welcome back Elk~

(post some more art ok Heart)

RE: Hi - puggsoy - 10-14-2014

Welcome (back) Elk! I don't think I know you, but hope you enjoy your stay (again)!

RE: Hi - Petie - 10-14-2014

Your name does seem familiar for some reason! So welcome (back)!

RE: Hi - Dazz - 10-15-2014

Elk is the bomb. We still use his art on the site for the select a letter page! Smile

RE: Hi - Elk - 10-15-2014

I recently started getting into 3D Modelling / Lowpoly / Game Art, occasionally I still do Pixelart but not that often, so I might hang around at the model section a little more, partially I'm over at the Blender Community aswell to seek mentors whenever I require help with whatever I do :p

I was surprised that you're still around Dazz