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Hello there! - Xiron - 09-28-2014

Well hi! So I've been registered here for 5 years and 3 days and I've barely been around the forum here. All of my post were in my submissions topics. Coincidentally, I just came back here three days ago. There must be something about this time of year that brings me around here. Tongue
It is highly likely I won't know you, and you won't remember me from before although making a few posts. So don't sweat it!

Despite my forum age, I almost feel like a new guy here. I guess that is because I've never stuck around here long. I usually just grab what I need from the resources site and leave.

I like to do game designing via modding (cause I can't make my own game. Tongue), and have been doing this for as long as I can remember.
My favourite VG franchises are Mario and Sonic, and although not a franchise,  as of the last two months (right around when it was released) I've really been liking Freedom Planet.

RE: Hello there! - Crappy Blue Luigi - 09-29-2014

well, regardless of your previous activity, welcome to the forums! your name looks kind of familiar to me... i probably just happened to see you around on here before.

RE: Hello there! - Mystie - 09-29-2014

Welcome anyway! We'd love to have you around more. Smile