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What's up? - Fawfulthegreat64 - 09-26-2014

(I registered some time ago, but never formally introduced myself sooo...) Hi, I'm Fawfulthegreat64! You may know me from the Mario Wiki, its forum, Youtube, or GameFAQs (where I go by greatdimentio) Most see me as a Mario RPG fanatic, and that is what I am. I came here to help with extracting sprites from Mario & Luigi Dream Team using a capture card, but due to my terribleness at spriting in general it didn't go so well. But now I'm back, and on the verge of extracting the stuff directly from the ROM. If all goes well, that is.

I'm known for complaining about Mario RPGs not getting the recognition they deserve, so beware. I'm sure you have already seen some of my posts on the matter. I hope to be of assistance to this community regardless. (If my plans succeed, that is)

RE: What's up? - E-Man - 09-26-2014

Well, it's nice to meet you.

By the way, this might be a bit of an odd question to ask, but have you ever heard of a web site known as Lemmy's Land?

RE: What's up? - Fawfulthegreat64 - 09-26-2014

I've come across it a couple times. Not sure exactly what it's all about though.

RE: What's up? - E-Man - 09-26-2014

In a nutshell, it is basically a Mario fan site where you can post fan fictions, character interviews, and stuff like that. It's mostly centered on the bad guys of Mario, so a lot of the content relates to them and usually make Mario himself look like a cheese-loving idiot.

Besides myself, some of the VGR members actually started out on that web site, including the user who ripped your BiS Fawful sprites.

RE: What's up? - Mystie - 09-26-2014

Welcome! I, too, love the Mario RPGs (although I never did play SMRPG), so I think we'll get along great. Wink

RE: What's up? - Starlow - 09-27-2014