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Need second opinion/help - Kharaxel - 09-02-2014

So I have here a model of a character called Saku from PSP game .hack//link.
Ripped through jpcsp (unfortunately, someone knows a better way that doesn't involve that slowass emu?) and the thing is... at the beginning, it would seem like all the textures were wrong, as in... inside out and the like.
I fixed it... or so I believe I did, but... just in case, I want to get a second opinion.
I want to see if by any chance something isn't wrong with it.
I used newest blender, so for those who have Maya/3ds max or other tools I don't... can you try this model and see how it looks?
If you find anything more wrong with it, than just the textures, please tell me too..

Here's the model.
Thank you.

RE: Need second opinion/help - Kharaxel - 09-05-2014

So it seems nobody gives a crap.
Well, I guess once I'm done with some of the characters, I'll try to submit them and hope to god they can make it through.