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Help with ripping DC Models - MarioSonicU - 07-10-2014

I want to know how i can rip models from that console. (i saw models from Sonic Shuffle ripped here.)

RE: Help with ripping DC Models - Mystie - 07-10-2014

Depends on the game. I've had a look at a few Dreamcast games myself, and each one seems to use a different format. The only one I've looked at that I can actually rip straight through the files from is Space Channel 5. Everything else I've looked at (Skies of Arcadia, Jet Set/Grind Radio, Rayman 2, Crazy Taxi), I can't find anything on their formats. (Or, in the case of SoA, the program I use to rip/extract most models says it's compatible with those models, but it cannot open a single one)

RE: Help with ripping DC Models - -ΒΌ- - 07-10-2014

Dreamcast is based on Windows Me, so I guess it must not be that hard to figure out. After all, I've seen many mods that were originally for pc version of the games concerned later ported to dreamcast. Most popular are the half-life mods paranoia and uss darkstar. So there must be a way.