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RE: Suggestions - FormerUser20 - 08-02-2014

(08-02-2014, 01:31 PM)Dazz Wrote: So you mean you have a request?
...I think?

RE: Suggestions - Vipershark - 08-02-2014

Are you actually submitting something to the project?

goldeneye models? - goldneye - 08-15-2014

could we get more models from goldeneye 007 please? I don't know how to rip them from the game myself and I rely on this site for the models, but sadly only boris is there all by himself. also skull kid from majoras mask would be sweet too.

RE: Suggestions - Vipershark - 08-15-2014

That would be a request, which is against the rules. Please read our rules on requesting.

RE: Suggestions - recme - 08-31-2014

is the newest revision of the spriters dictionary being made? its kinda difficult to explain to newbies how to make their sprite better with terms they dont even know...

RE: Suggestions - puggsoy - 08-31-2014

There's a dictionary on the wiki. You can improve and edit it yourself as well.

RE: Suggestions - Vipershark - 08-31-2014

In addition, the current dictionary is still stickied in S&PA, right where it's always been.

RE: Suggestions - Omnikariz - 09-01-2014

[Image: bgC71.png]

hide age but display date of birth?


date of birth:
(no year) january 1st

RE: Suggestions - Dazz - 09-01-2014

That's correct.

RE: Suggestions - Omnikariz - 09-01-2014

Okay, I explained that horribly, let me try again.

Can we have a new option to show date of birth but just that, so that users' ages can be hidden without their birthdays being off their profile too.

Basically, a new option that does that, and would look something like this:

[Image: bgCRe.png]

Sorry for the poor explaination last post

RE: Suggestions - Dazz - 09-01-2014

Ah, I'm afraid we can't modify this. This is a core element of the forum software that will just be removed with each update of the software.

RE: Suggestions - Ploaj - 09-01-2014

This is a suggestion/question.
I didn't think it was worthy enough for it's own topic.

Which section do 3ds games go under?
I noticed Mario Kart 7 under other systems.
I assume they should go there until there are enough to warrant their own section, but I just wanted to check.

In other news, 3ds rips are now possible Smile
[Image: oxmKCT7.png]
Can't wait so get started on theses. (From Puyo Puyo Tetris for the 3DS)

RE: Suggestions - Dazz - 09-01-2014


And yeah, Other Systems for now Smile

RE: Suggestions - Random Talking Bush - 09-01-2014

Does this mean you can help me with my request?

If the 3DS gets enough rips, yeah it'll get promoted to its own section. But for now, like Dazz said, it'll go in Other Systems.

RE: Suggestions - Deathbringer - 09-01-2014

Define possible. As in playable on emulator or can rip files out of ROM itself?