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RE: Suggestions - RYAN198000000 - 07-30-2014

Is there a way to filter a search to a specific console on TSR (Sorry if this an over-asked question )? Big Grin

If not, there should be a way to only come up with only "NES" results or "DS" results (or any other console) when the search query is done.

RE: Suggestions - Petie - 07-30-2014

Not currently but it's something we'd consider if there's enough demand for it.

RE: Suggestions - puggsoy - 07-30-2014

It isn't something I'd personally want often, but it could be helpful for people who want to find references for a certain system. For example if they want to see the Metal Slug styles on Neo Geo.

RE: Suggestions - Petie - 07-30-2014

In that case though, wouldn't it be easier to just go to Neo Geo > M > Metal Slug?

RE: Suggestions - Deathbringer - 07-30-2014

Neo-Geo doesn't have it's own section, it's in Arcade.

RE: Suggestions - Garamonde - 07-30-2014

puggsoy's example probably wasn't the best one. I could see it being useful in instances where, say, one would like to see backgrounds for all the GBA games on the site, or high-res HUD from every GameCube/Wii game only.

RE: Suggestions - puggsoy - 07-30-2014

In such a case yeah, of course. That was a pretty bad example, but I meant if one were to look for a character that is in a multitude of games that start with different letters, but still for the same system. A better example is someone who would want Mario sprites from DS games, then they'd get ones starting with "Mario", "Super", and "New".

I admit it isn't a highly sought-after feature, so it might not be worth the trouble, but I can think of cases in which it would help.

EDIT: Ninja'd by MJ, who has a much better example.

RE: Suggestions - Petie - 07-30-2014

The two new examples definitely do show the utility of such a feature. We'll let others weigh in and determine if it's worth investing time into creating then.

RE: Suggestions - psychospacecow - 07-30-2014

Maybe something like you guys have for the VGFacts archive.

RE: Suggestions - Mystie - 07-31-2014

I was thinking that maybe we could have a Livestream account link on our profile. Would that be okay?

RE: Suggestions - puggsoy - 07-31-2014

Is some sort of submission tutorial being considered? I think one on the main sites would be helpful, which explains the process of going about it, including how icons work. This would be especially helpful for returning or infrequent submitters, who might not be aware that the method of submission has changed.

This may have been mentioned before but if not I figured it'd be something worth suggesting.

RE: Suggestions - Vipershark - 07-31-2014

Yeah, that's in the works.

RE: Suggestions - puggsoy - 07-31-2014

Awesome, I thought it might be. Hopefully that will decrease the number of confused members.

RE: Suggestions - FormerUser20 - 08-02-2014

Hey, sorry if this is the wrong thread, but I didn't know where else to put this =X

So, like, what happened to the ripping projects? They all just seemed to "die" with the rest of the the posts pre-forum overhaul. How do we revive projects? I want this certain ripping project for a game to continue, but don't want to make a topic for it because I have little to contribute, there are no topics for the new RP forum, and there are more members that are better suited to leading the project - but I don't want it to just die altogether...

RE: Suggestions - Dazz - 08-02-2014

So you mean you have a request?