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RE: Suggestions - Gors - 12-08-2015

[Image: 51b2be5f057748f52c02206a3c6c1057.png]

idk, this is alright to me (this is 10px, original is 9px)

RE: Suggestions - Petie - 12-08-2015

Yes, but the lines are too close together like that. We can increase the line-height as well but I need to make sure it's not going to exceed the entire height of the box. We're looking into it though.

RE: Suggestions - DarkGrievous7145 - 12-08-2015

I looks to my like the text area could theoretically be expanded infinitely in vertical direction (although "really tall" titles would be busy/top-heavy)

Correct me if I'm wrong, but your only real hard limit here is the width of the icon.

I think so long as an icon title like:
"the really
really really
long icon
title of
doom (:<"
never should be created, it wouldn't hurt to add a little more vertical space.
That's just my opinion, though.

RE: Suggestions - Garamonde - 12-09-2015

I think what doesn't help in the text's readability is the fact that it's blurred. It used to be pixelated. I realize modern times and the requirement for a more professional interface, but... I kinda gotta go with Gorsal here. The text looks painfully blurry here.

RE: Suggestions - Dazz - 12-09-2015

We don't control the fact that it's blurry - that's your operating system. You can turn that off, but it's turned off for every website.

We'll play around a bit and see what we can do.

RE: Suggestions - DarkGrievous7145 - 12-09-2015

I've also noticed firefox isn't consistently rendering text.
That doesn't help, either.

RE: Suggestions - UltraMario3000 - 01-04-2016

Suggestion: Add a way to "favorite" games on TSR. That way, you can keep tabs on when someone posts new sprites to the page, or so you can easily access it instead of having to search it and whatnot.

RE: Suggestions - Petie - 01-04-2016

I feel like this is better handled by your browser's "favorites" list.

RE: Suggestions - Skyla Doragono - 01-04-2016

Yes, but a browser wouldn't have the option of sending you a PM if a game is updated with new sheets?

There's also the blanket option of following the RSS feed, but that gives everything, not something specific.

RE: Suggestions - Petie - 01-04-2016

I haven't implemented PM notifications for new uploads and hadn't really intended to though. I can probably put together an RSS feed that would let you subscribe to individual games (similar to how you an subscribe to comments posted on things by certain people) though.

RE: Suggestions - Petie - 01-06-2016

Okay, so for those who wanted notifications on uploads to a specific game, they're now available. Go to any game page and you should see an RSS icon in the game's info table. That will provide a feed for all uploads to that particular game. While I was at it, I also added the same links for consoles and genres that operate in the same way so, if you want, you could subscribe to uploads for the SNES or in the Action genre.

And, while this has always been available, we never linked it before so submitter profiles now also have an RSS link which will let you subscribe to comments posted on content by that submitter (useful for subscribing to yourself so you can see if people comment on your submissions). If anyone has any questions or feedback, let me know!

RE: Suggestions - DarkCelestian - 01-06-2016

Um a particles-resource? Like I mean particles are just images after all like sprites and textures. Could be a good addition to the website. Tongue
And it'll be better for animators using the models of games to have them laying around to make the animation better. idk lol just throwing it out there.

RE: Suggestions - eureka - 01-06-2016

If particles are just sprites and textures, they can fit in tSR and tTR. They already are, even, i think.

RE: Suggestions - UltraMario3000 - 01-10-2016

Suggestion: Add a way to categorize by franchise in search. That way if I wanted to look for stuff from Mario games, it'd be more broad, cuz if I did that by searching with the term Mario under games, it wouldn't show all Mario games because his name isn't in the title of all of them. Tongue

RE: Suggestions - Petie - 01-10-2016

That will be possible once tags are implemented.